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Cadm didn’t say anything else; As a sequence of George, they have seen the two detectives in the face of this news, he knew they were examined in the opposite of this news. He felt like an actor forgetting their self-on stage. While a half a smile on his face appears in a sense of guilt with no explanation. Where? Dive asked. Can we enter your house, Mr. Foss? If you will feel more comfortable, we can go to the police station. No, come to, George said; He was feeling naked and bewildered herself as the edge of the morning. When entering two detective living rooms, he also looked at the bathroom door standing by Liana. When Roberta James see her looked around, do you have one more on your outside here? asked. No, he said George believes that is true. Liana had already gone. Once again. 80 10 bus terminal smelled pork oil and urine. George has learned to go to the box office and have a shield bus to Vvashington DC after an hour. From there to another bus, he could go to Tampa directly. Audrey, Tampa NM, there was a Florida-SIVEETGUM at an hourly distance. She sat on the back on the bus, but this was a faulty choice because the door of the toilet was broken and closed by multiplying an opening and noisily in two. A whole after a whole noon and the evening was head hurt. Sleeping Kevin as a drugged bear, despite the possibility of waking up the sleeping Kevin I wake up early and prepared his bag. The note she left to your roommate was written: I’m going. Do not worry. I will call my parents this afternoon. He folded a sweater from the bag and folded several times to make a pillow, and then until Washington, he was awakening. Uoridapa is waiting for the bus to go to the bus to go to the passage of the twenty minutes to get to the passage of the twenty minute, »ui f r samliich Iziizz; I called his family from the phone. His father would be at work: His mother has also been to eaten with one of his friends IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Ana hasn’t been so. The phone is hungry. George. Was a problem? What do you need 7 George flour family didn’t have the number of people frequently. Mom, remember that I’m talking about a girl called Audrey? ‘I don’t remember, but if you say iiiylc, mention m you are the job. George’s mother told their mother with her mother and stopped. What a pity. said the woman, as if they know Audrey in person. But the matter that I’m concerned about you is that this event is your university life. You are in a period that you should be very happy. Don’t worry the mother, he said George. SHE could not tell him that he is about to ride a bus to Tampa. It would be reported to their parents immediately if he is not found in school. George If such a thing happens, he thought he would look at it. I call you a week later mom. All is well, don’t worry. I’m sure it is George. In the second phase of the journey, he sat in the middle parts of the bus, and the Giiney’s gloomy highway has finished an apack. Forced the memory to remember whether Audrey is a tendency to suicide, but showing that it is

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