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Brunson was then referred to the Back Send Center in Bornova County to be deported. While waiting to be deported here, in December 2016, it was detained in the same day before the accusation of Fethullah Gülen Congregation in December 2016, and then arrested.

Pastor Brunson, in August 2017 Izmir F while the Type Prison or is it at this time “to provide information should remain confidential State for the purpose of political or military espionage”, “Turkey is attempting to abolish the National Assembly”, “Turkey Attempting to eliminate the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of Republic of the Republic of Republic of the Republic of Republic and the “attempt to eliminate the constitutional order” was requested to arrest.

Brunson said he has not accepted the accusations of the statement that prompts to arrest once again in August 2017. The subsequent hearings did not accept the demands of their discharge.

Pastör Andrew was prepared about 1.5 years after the indictment of Bruson, and in March 2018, Izmir was adopted by the 2nd Heavy Court of Criminal Court.

For Brunson, he was not a member of the organization, but the fact that the organization commits crimes on behalf of the organization, “to ensure the information to be confidential for political or military spying for the purpose of political or military spying” was asked to be sentenced to 20 years.

Amnesty International Turkey Branch President Brunson was among the names suggested that the contact takes place at Taner Kılıç.

In the Church of the Principal in the Church, he was emphasized that the “numerous digital material” is captured in the Calls in Brunson’s house in Brunson’s house in Brunson’s house, accused of “praise and divisive conversations” with PKK.

Brunson also claimed to be a shopping center in May and June 2013, which is one of the organizers organizers organized for the protest for the protest.

The pasteur Brunson went across the first time today and made a defense of about six hours. While making his defense a break and Phenralashan Brunson said, “Nothing illegal.”

According to reports in the Turkey media Brunson, “I never met with any Fetullahçı my life. I never participated in any meeting. I founded a church. I was spying. I support the territorial integrity of Turkey. My problem is that Jesus Christ. Fetullahçı I do not have any links with terrorist organizations. What I want to explain where and how I spy spy. “

The daughter of Brunson, who speaks to the American NBC News Television ahead of the case, “My father didn’t do anything wrong. A peaceful, loving man, he was a pasteur. All of these charges were nonsense.

Currently in prison in Turkey, located between Brunson detention of US citizens, it drew a strong response to the United States.

For the first time, the first level US President Donald Trump with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in May 2017, this issue in May 2017 is among the most important issues in bilateral relations.

The Ministry of Treasury, the Minister of Interior Minister Süleyman Noble and Justice Minister Abdülhamit Gül’s interest income from the goods assets and goods assets in the US, and the US citizens were prohibited with any business and transactions with the Ministers of US citizens.

The United States also suggested that Brunson is not met with their lawyers and did not know the details of the accusations about. But then Brunson was allowed to be allowed to discuss with the lawyers and representatives of the US Embassy.

The US Foreign Ministry Spokesman Heather Nauert said in March in March, Brunson has met the lawyer and consular officials on the last 6 February.

The American Senator to monitor the first hearing went to Izmir, representative of the faith freedom of faith with Thom Tillis.

The US conservative civil society organizations of the American Law and Justice Center (ACLJ) has opened the signature campaign to the release of Brunson, until 480 thousand people.

Erdogan, in September 2017, in a conversation in September 2017, the release of Brunson has used statements that adapist with Fethullah Gülen’s refund from the US:

“There are professors leading from the back of the Nasipless man in Pennsylvania. How professors are you, what you are professors? You say what the writer is the writer. Give us, let us, let us, let us judge it. ” said.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, in an interview given to 24 channels in February, during a meeting US counterpart Rex Tillerson that Turkey was imprisoned reiterated his request to accelerate the judicial process regarding US citizens and the status of the Brunson said he brought up.

Brunson weekly The Economist magazine published in the UK, “a pawn in the fight between the US and Turkey” as described.

Brunson case and the detention of US citizens and other local staff working in diplomatic missions in Turkey, recently in relations between the US and Turkey are among the troublesome issues.


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