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The officials who stated that the negotiations with potential buyers for Gaza gas have not given information on who are buyers. According to the news in Jordan media, the country’s national electrical agency Nepco will sign a letter of intent in 2015 with the British Gas (BG), which has the right to enter the gas fields of Gaza. The gas imports to take place through the Arab gas pipeline will start in 2017. The Jordan, which is not rich in natural resources and imports 90 percent of energy requirements, has 40 percent of its budget. From Egypt, the attacks of the Arab Gas Pipeline to Jordan to the Arab Gas Pipeline to the Babe Gas Pipeline took the import from this country to the new pursuit of Jordan. Finally, in February of this year, 500 million of natural gas acquisition agreement with Israel. Dubai-based Manaar Energy Group’s head consultant Robin Mills

Gaza said the economic and technical export of gas is possible. For this, Mills said that the Mills should be provided with Israel to be agreed in gas reserves to date to date, the political disagreement of Israel due to the natural gas revenues that Hamas is obtained. Gaza’s gas reserves owned by Jordan and Egypt Mills stated that the amount of imports that can be, and the introduction of gas to Turkey in the region that he would not be economically profitable. Finally, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Gaza’s natural gas production to be made regarding the tender will also attend the Turkey and the Turkish energy company said that he would operate in the Gaza gas fields. In Gaza, the two wells dug by BG in 2000 were found to be approximately 28 billion cubic meters. It is foreseen that the sale of selling is an economic contribution of the Palestine to $ 2.5 billion. (AA)

Izmir Ali Rıza Karasu was increased by the previous year in the price of the garlic in the salvation of the garlic of the garlic. In the last year, the dry garlic sold from 5-8 pounds sold in 5-8 pounds, selling 9 pm by the manufacturer this year. Kastamonu Chamber of Agriculture President, one of Turkey’s production centers Nahid Iğdırlı garlic, garlic is the beginning of the harvest period, reported that the climatic conditions adversely affected due to low production rekolteyl encountered. In Native Production, it has been produced in the spindle of the drought and hot air in domestic production, as well as the indigenous garlic in Kastamonu, as well as Chinese garlic, “Manufacturer sewed on a large scale despite our calls that do not sew in China garlic. Due to extreme rains in the winter season of China garlic in October-November. He rotted in the field. In March-April, it was very stitched due to the cultivation of Chinese garlic in Native Garlik, as it was excluded, and was affected by the drought, it was not well developed. These negatives caused the recovery of the reception. The pinned, the decline in the garlic reconstruction is reflected in prices, he said that the manufacturer sells the product by 2-3 pounds at higher price, which is expected to increase the price of 2-3 lira. The President of the Tashköprü Ziraat Room Murat Steel said the price of the garlic in the manufacturer increased by 50 percent compared to the same period last year.

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