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The vincu operator at the top point of the building says you feel very lucky. “I can work here half of the money at the moment, because I’m next to the Kaba, because I’m in the holy land,” I’m in the holy land, “he says the operator from Pakistan. It is not difficult to find workers to work in construction work in Mecca. Employees accept each requirement to be close to the Kabe. Great blessing for them to drop the job in prayer hours and go to Kaeba. Meanwhile, great importance is given to safety in working environments in the country. The Government of Saudi Arabia requires very hard sanctions to take all measures against work accidents and are not observed.

Employees of Western companies have brought some special applications. In Saudi Arabia, women and women go to the beach together are also a special region where women can drive from time to time. This area called “Deyrul Aruz” is a kind of resort where the facts of the foreigners and the royal family who are most Americans. It is possible to find the special areas of smaller scale in the cities with the name “Compound”. These living areas are behind a glaze of life areas that are surrounded by high walls. The input outputs are only done with the passport. Saudi Arabian citizens have no permission to come in. The habitats, which are mostly foreign executives, high-level employees and engineers. One of the attention-attractive features of Suudi Arabia is quite simple. So are the graveyards. Even the family members do not even know where the funeral is defended, there are no signs at the beginning of the graves. Crying at the beginning of the cemeteries, praying is also prohibited. The society can react very hard to those who do not meet it. The holidays are quiet in Saudi Arabia on Fridays, the streets. This is also the day in which my executive penalties are executed. The listings in newspapers are a usual situation to call the people of the announcements to be administered after Friday prayers.

Original Diyar Saudi Arabia. The crap of the secret to him, it seems to never be fully wanded.

Saudi Arabia Airlines, Tuesday and Sundays from Istanbul, other days are dedicated to Jeddah and Medina directly.

Turkish citizens to go to Saudi Arabia have to take a visa. Saudi Arabia does not give a tourist visa. Also the ladies are also not given a visa alone. Previously, the entrance to Israel has logged out, is not given a visa to the Israele screel in the passport. For pilgrimage and umers, it has to be approved by the Ministry of Hajj of Saudi Arabia by means of religious works. The owner of the service, diplomatic or hususi does not mean that you can enter Mecca. If you are not a separate visa for “pilgrimage” on the control in the Mecca entrance, you need to explain the official to which one you are coming. You must complete the religion in the official form given on the entrance to Saudi Arabia.

All foreigners come under the bail of a Saudi Arabian citizen of this country; works in his business; It takes sitting and working permits via her. The workers will vouch the required output-input visa when they will leave the leave; In order for them to leave a job and enter another job, the guarantor is sought to the Muvafakati; In order to leave the country, the definite exit visa also provides the guarantor.

Saudi Arabia’s official currency riyal. Dollars and Euro valid in some shopping venues in Jeddah and Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia has to forget that he is managed with Shariah. Anyone who log in to the country has accepted these rules. It is forbidden to insert and drink alcoholic beverages to the country. Prohibited from introducing any publication with inappropriate content. Even a photo in the newspaper or magazine you are reading is acceptable as “inappropriate”. Every day in Saudi Arabia, some drug products are available to the drug list, a person who introduces drugs to the country with good faith, can be detained. You need to carry your passport or residence in the country continuously with you. Forbidden on the street during prayer hours. Places such as cafe, restaurant, shopping malls close before prayer clock. Banks serve different times in the day. State banks are open until 00:00. Hicri calendar is applied in Saudi Arabia. Thursday and Friday holidays, the first day of the week is Saturday. Outside the family media, men and women do not get together. Women are not forbidden to drive. Women have to wear abaya in Saudi Arabia.

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