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The journalist Henry Trewhitt sewed his eyes to President Ronald Reagan with the decision and “Mr. President, I would like to raise a subject I think for a few weeks and I would like to make it in terms of national security.”

Calendars showed October 1984. The Reagan, who continued its campaign to maintain the presidential mission, was faced in the live discussion program with its opponent.

Reagan was the most maritime politician sitting in the presidential seat of the period. This record was first broken by 74-year-old Donald Trump, his record was also broken by 77-year-old Joe Biden.

“And I would like you to know that I will not bring the issue of this campaign to the agenda of this campaign and that I will not use the youth and inexperience of the opponent in the name of the political win.”

This response he gave has received laughter and applause from the audience. After a few weeks later, the choices made out of an overwhelming victory.

We are all familiar with the physical transformations of the aging: Loses skin flexibility, the gums are drawn, the nose extends, the hair is excreted, the hairs begin to exit the strange places, and even the height is shortened.

After the effects of scientists, the effects of aging, no longer revealed another mysterious change.

From Edinburgh University, Psychologist René Mõttus says, “According to the net results we get from this research, we will not be the same person throughout our life.”

Most of us would like to think that our personality is relatively the same throughout our life. However, the research shows that the situation is not so much.

Our character treasures are constantly changing and people have a significant transformation when they are 70 to 80s.

Makyavelist approaches decrease the physical properties, which contains narcicism and psychopathia and “dark triple”, and thus reduces the risk of disruption to harmful behavior such as criminal processing or substance dependence.

Research reveals that the sense of sacrifice and trust is turned to high individuals. With age, it is seen that the power of will power increased and the sense of humor is also developed.

The results of this research indeed that the seniors should change the stereotype that is more grumpy and universal.

Unlike experts have considered for years, people’s personality traits are understood to be more fluent and shaped instead of being fixed in childhood or 30s.

Mõttus, “People become better and socially harmonious. It begins to establish a better balance between life-related expectations and the demands of society. “

This is a change that starts during the youth periods and at least the gradual and noticing ages on their 80s.

Social Psychologist at Houston University, Rodica Damian, “It is usually an argumentative situation to put value judgments worth this personality. However, it says the findings that they are useful.

For example, it is associated with events such as mental health problems, high death ratios and divorce.

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